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29 May 2006 @ 08:28 am
Ok news post! First of all, your lovely, wonderful and lately giving owner is off to Okinawa in a few days! If there is any trouble or problems, consult one of the mods please ;D

Second, I'm not gonna lie. I'm kinda disappointed at the lack of participation in this comm. I'm really trying myself to make an effort to create an atmosphere of "hey let's share" but it doesn't seem to be working. If anyone has any ideas on this please let me know. Also, it is totally NOT COOL to download from people who share and NOT COMMENT. At least let them know you appreciate their hard work kthx.

Lastly, I need some help. If anyone has noticed, I changed the layout yet again. I really like this one but I would really like to change the colors to match the new icon for the comm that I made. If anyone wants to attempt to mess with the CSS to get the red and orange colors changed I would greatly appreciate it! I would find some way to thank that person too. We could work that out later. お願いします! Eh nevermind I just changed to general black. I'm really not a black person but eh, it's neutral.

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23 January 2006 @ 09:50 am

Members Only!
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Last f.m. group!

Please join the last f.m. group if you have it!

Hey all! Since this community is new i really need a few people who would be willing to help me maintain and mod. Please comment here if you are interested. Also, spread the word. I will make some small banners soon but in the meantime we need to get this place rolling so tell as many people as you can. Thank you! Positions are filled for the moment. If this community gets bigger I will ask members later if they want to help! Thanks to all my maintainers and mods for helping me!

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